Dr. Jerome H. Rosenstein

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Dear Patients, Thank you for allowing me to be your physician in these last several years. It is with a heavy heart that I close my practice and take a new position in Central New York. It is an opportunity for me and my family that will allow us more family time and security in this changing health care climate.

I am referring my patients to the Women's OB/GYN Associates practice of Drs. Carol Miller and Marianne (Shantillo) Davis. Their address is 401 Main Street, Johnson City, New York 13790 and their phone number is 607-754-9870 They will retain my practice records after September 17, 2017. Please feel free to call our office with any questions at 518-725-8621.

Wishing all of you good health and much happiness.


Please read the Press and Sun Guest Viewpoint article by Christie Finch, Director of Perinatal Services for the Mothers & Babies Perinatal Services regarding our breast feeding support to our patients!

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What are things that I can do before the first OB appointment to confirm pregnancy to help me and my baby?
We recommend that you start prenatal vitamins immediately unless you have already been taking them. If you smoke, stop. You should also avoid caffeine. Do not eat any raw fish including sushi. Avoid tuna, shark, mackerel, and tile fish as they contain high levels of mercury (a known cause of birth defects) as they should be avoided. If you eat deli meat or unpasteurized cheese like brie or feta, you will need to bring it home and cook it. It can contain harmful bacteria.

What can I do for vomiting?
Try eating saltine crackers, or sips of ginger ale or flat cola. Try Sea Band wrist bands.

What type of exercise can I do during pregnancy?
Most exercise programs with low or no impact that you are already used to are ok. Don’t start a new exercise program.

Are Ultrasounds safe for mother and baby?
They are definitely safe. Usually one is done at 8-9 week and another at 19-20 weeks. The initial no charge ultrasound is done to determine the due date and the number of babies. At 20 weeks an ultrasound is done for a fetal anatomy check and to check the placenta, fluid and mom’s cervix.

Does Dr. Rosenstein treat high risk pregnancies and how is that different from a regular pregnancy?
High risk pregnancies are defined as those pregnancies where there is a medical risk to the mother or baby. This can be due to diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple pregnancies or other obstetric or medical illnesses. Dr. Rosenstein has experience with most forms of high risk pregnancies and when necessary he will consult with a high risk specialist (Perinatologist) for advice.

What are questions/conditions during pregnancy that require an immediate call to the doctor?

Moderate or heavy bleeding should be reported immediately as well as any persistent or severe pain.
Persistent contractions 4 or more times per hour should be reported. If you think you have “broken your water”, you should call the doctor right away. Minor questions should be called in during the day.

Bleeding during the first trimester is experienced by one in four pregnant women. Persistent light spotting needs to be reported and watched as it may be a warning sign of a possible miscarriage.

There may also be a mucous type of discharge (pinkish brown with or without some streaks of blood) which is not significant especially near term.  Such mucous may occur for a period of hours or even days before the onset of labor.


Please report the breaking of water immediately.

You will need monitoring in the hospital and possible induction of labor if you are at full term.

What are the signs of labor and what should I do?

The signs of labor are regular, strong contractions that get closer together and change the cervix toward delivery. This may be accompanied by “breaking of your water”.

What number should I call and when I need these questions or concerns answered?
Our 24 hour answering service number is 763-8391 and Dr. Rosenstein or one of his equally qualified on call doctors are available to take your calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

How often do I come in for a checkup while I am pregnant?
In the first trimester (0-12 weeks), after the initial office visit to confirm pregnancy, office visits take place every 4 weeks. During the second trimester (12-28 weeks), office visits continue every 4 weeks. During the third trimester (28-41 weeks), office visits are every 2 weeks up to 35 weeks pregnant and then every week until the baby is delivered.

When is airline travel considered unsafe for me and my baby?
After 32 weeks air travel is not recommended. In general you want to be close to the hospital that you delivering in especially after 35 weeks.

What medication can I take when I have a cold?
Sudafed, Actifed, Claritin, Benadryl, saline (salt water) nasal spray and Afrin Nasal Spray are all ok. You may also use throat lozenges, throat spray, Tylenol and plain Robitussin cough syrup.

What medication can I take for a fever?
Tylenol or acetaminophen should be taken as directed.   If a fever is over 101 degrees, call the doctor.

What are the benefits of breastfeeding?
Breast milk is the ideal food for the newborn infant. It has the best levels of proteins, fats and nutrients for your baby. Also, it contains antibodies mom produces which help your baby fight off infections like middle and inner ear infections.